GFX 50S: What's going on with auto ISO and DR200?

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GFX 50S: What's going on with auto ISO and DR200?

Hi everyone,

Here's the issue: I have the ISO set to use ISO 100 as a base and a set minimum shutter speed (that I change depending on which lens I'm using - having multiple auto ISO settings is a nice feature).  However, I've noted a few times in which the camera uses ISO 200 even though the shutter speed is high enough that it could use ISO 100 or even somewhere in the middle and still be above the minimum shutter speed.  When I look at the RAW files, Capture One indicates that these shots are "RAW (DR200)" whereas all others are just "RAW."

Based on what I've read in the manual, DR200 is a way to extend the dynamic range of the scene in a manner different from HDR processing and occurs at the level of the sensor.  However, I puzzle over this for two reasons:

1) If ISO 100 offers the greatest dynamic range (which it does, according to Photons to Photos), why would the camera use ISO 200 for extending the dynamic range?

2) This happens even when I had set the dynamic range setting to DR100, instead of auto or any other setting.  I have since set it to auto because... why not, if it's happening anyway?  I suppose the next step would be setting it back to DR100, as maybe setting it back again will fix it for good.  However, that leads in to the next question:

3) Should I be fighting the camera over this, or am I handicapping the camera every time I override it by manually changing the ISO to 100?  I am purely shooting RAW and processing in Capture One.

Not sure if it's related, but I also can't adjust the Photometry setting - it seems to be permanently grayed out for me.  I've read that you need to disable eye autofocus, yet even when I do that I still can't adjust it.  Based on RAW data, the camera is stuck in scene metering mode, which seems to be doing just fine but... I'd like to change to center-weighted every now and then.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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