PanaLeica 10-25mm F1.7 Questions

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Re: Some questions

Danielvr wrote:

Thanks for the offer!

  • Are AF and the iris mechanism truly quiet?

Extremely quiet, and the focus motor is close enough to the front of the lens that even the internal mic barely picks it up. A directional mic shouldn't pick up any noise unless you're in an extremely quiet situation. Aperture changes were silent.

  • Is the lens (close to) parfocal?

Sadly, no. There is a fair focus shift when zooming.

  • Any signs of focus breathing when aperture is closing?


  • How is vignetting at f/1.7 through the focal range?

Haven't looked at RAW files yet, stay tuned.

  • How is center sharpness at f/1.7 through the f. range? (your impression, not MFT)

See above

  • Bokeh at f/1.7 and say f4: Creamy and Smooth or Nervous and Abrupt?

Lovely bokeh through the aperture range.

  • Balance - does it feel good in hand when coupled to a small camera body?

The GH5 is the smallest body I've used it on, and it felt excellent. I'm plunking it on Chris' GM5 for giggles later this week.

  • When used without digital correction, any dramatic geometric distortions?

I'll update after checking the Raws.

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