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Re: My iPhone screen doesn’t moire up, like my computer screen

Humansvillian wrote:

For a while there I felt sort of foolish, crying moire when there was no moire , but here on my iPhone screen I can’t see the moire that was there before, on my computer screen,,,if those wavy patterns were moire, anyhow.

It’s a very old computer screen, and I don’t know how to demosiac it’s algorithms now that it’s got all moired up,if that’s the trouble.

It's not caused by demosaicing in this case and it's not the kind of moire that's permanently baked into the image by the sensor/image interaction.

It might not actually be moire anyway, just them dad blasted digital artifacts.

As I explained in my first reply, the moire you're seeing isn't in the original image itself (often it is, but not in this case). It's caused by the interference created by the "overlapping" grids of the brick pattern in the image and the fixed RGB grid of your monitor. Changing the resolution (size) of either one of the two interfering grids will solve the problem. In other words, you could change to a higher (or lower) resolution monitor OR resize the image by zooming it in/out or by upsizing/downsizing the image in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.

This also explains why others in this thread are sometimes seeing the moire and sometimes aren't. They're viewing the images on different monitors with different resolutions.

Anyhow, it’s a relief to know it’s not my camera.

It’s more fun than ought to be legal, moire or less.

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