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Re: UWA lens choice

Some people on this site dislike the 14-30 f/4S, but I like it and notice that DXO just gave it a favourable review. (Canadian spelling there, eh.)

As I noted in another thread, it's not a lens that really adds to an image, but then very few lenses do. Also, other factors affect the quality of an image more than a lens, provided the lens doesn't detract from the image. That said, I find that the 50mm f/1.8S is one of those rare lenses that do add a bit of wow, so I expect to buy the 20mm f/1.8S when it is released in a year of so. I used to use the 20mm f/1.8G with adapter, and it's a good lens, but not - at least my copy - a zingingly good one. I'll keep the 14-30mm for situations where I need it. I have found more reasons to use 14mm in my current (long term, photo-ethnographic) project than I would have suspected.

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