Bit depth = levels of gradient?

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Re: Bit depth = levels of gradient?

filmrescue wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

filmrescue wrote:

Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I do have negatives that are captured with a DSLR that maybe occupy 5% of the tonal range where I end up with what I thought would be best described as posterization or banding that will disappear after I scanned them with a 16 bit actual film scanner.

What file format? JPEG tends to create posterization to make more compressible images. RAW captures are rarely posterized except in near-blacks in a small number of cameras, mostly the first Exmor sensors that had too little noise at base ISO for 12 bits.

... The original files are 12 bit NEFs and are opened as 16 bit files and saved as jpegs.

Which camera? Uncompressed, lossless compressed, or lossy compressed.
(If lossy that could contribute to posterization.)

... Maybe I have my terminology wrong. I thought "posterization" and "banding" were interchangable?

Banding and posterization are different effects; you are almost certain seeing posterization.

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