Smallest off camera flash?

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Smallest off camera flash?

Just getting into photography - moving from iPhone.

Got a X Pro 2 - which obviously has no flash.

I'd like to use a flash occasionally - nothing too big, the same strength as what I have on my iPhone would be fine... Just to illuminate pics of my friends or out in bar.

I was excited about a real camera (in part) because I could use off camera flash - avoid red-eye, and light my subjects better.

Stupid question:

How are flashes on phones so small, but effective (for what they are) - yet I can't seem to find an off-camera flash that isn't the size of Jupiter?

The smallest I've found are the ones that have the small communication boxes attached to the hot-shoe and even those flash units are bigger than deck of cards (often much bigger)..

Is there not some kind of mini flash that would equal the lighting power of a typical iPhone that has a smaller form factor - more like a beeper or something?

I thought - maybe the flash on IPhone was making use of the built in battery - and the battery is what takes up the most room. However even when I'm at a party and using the flash a LOT - I don't see much of a drain on my iPhone..

Like the FlashQ etc - that thing is as big as my camera almost...


Any advice appreciated.

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