Repair X-T2 or New X-T3

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Re: Repair X-T2 or New X-T3

Ed555 wrote:

The X-T2 was a big jump from the X-T1 so I did it. But the X-T3 not so much. The main circuit board failed in the T2, and Fujifilm wants $450 to repair it. Looking through eBay used T2's sell on average for about $650 -- plus the high eBay/PayPal fees. The T3 is going for $1,400 (wasn't it just $1,300?). For the few times in my life I would buy the addition three year extended warranty for $58 if I got a T3.

The question is obvious: paid the $450 for repair, and wait for the T4, or just buy the T3 now and try to sell the T2 for parts. Everybody says it's my decision; of course. But I love to have a discussion with an experienced photographer and then I can make the best decision.

By the way if I have it repair they will not return the old board -- my property!?

The biggest improvements on the X-T3 are the AF and the video, but there are also a lot of smaller improvements like the following:

ISO160, a bit better DR(less noise in shadows), no red/purple grid flare, better EVF, more protruding EVF, bigger and more protruding back buttons, better subdials, firmer command dials, full RAW previews, USB-C, touch-screen, headphone jack, full performance without battery grip and it's overall faster and more responsive.

I upgraded from the X-T2 to the X-T3 and for me it was definitely a big jump.

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