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Re: Help me some moire, please

Humansvillian wrote:

But my new P5, I think is a little lacking on it's anti alias filter. I think I see something that's called moire

As I understand moire, it's those wavy patterns in the brick the pictures show, that aren't there when you eyeball the buildings.

Moire is caused by superposing two regular "grid-like" patterns on one another. The typical problematic moire with digital sensors is when some regular pattern in the image is NEAR the "frequency" (number of iterations in a given given size--actually called "spatial frequency") of the sensor. Then you get long-range regularities as the two "signals" get in and out of phase.

I don't see anything that looks like moire in your image. More than that, the most obvious regular pattern in your image is the bricks, but the spatial frequency of the bricks is VERY different than the sensor "pixels." Very rough calculation, vertical bricks are about 200 bricks across the height of the image. But the sensor has about 3500 "pixels" across that distance, so is not even close to the same "spatial frequency." Not going to be any moire from that. If there were some regular pattern in your image that was close to 3500 across the height, THEN you might see moire.

Since I don't see what you're seeing, perhaps I've missed the pattern your referring to. If you could be more specific, maybe I could see what you are referring to. The only "wavy" patterns I see in the bricks seems pretty clearly just irregularity in the brick shape, not moire-like at all.

How do you get rid of moire, if that's moire?

Before you shoot, you can just get closer or farther from the image, which will make more of a difference in spatial frequency, so at minimum, change the amount and "shape" of the moire, or, at best, eliminate it for practical purposes. I don't think there's a good way to eliminate moire in post. You could blur it, but you'd probably have to blur it quite a lot, and that would ruin the rest of the image.

Or is it like that shutter shock, and I just have to live with it or get a camera with an anti aliasing filter?

I MUCH prefer the increase resolution I get from a sensor that has no anti-aliasing filter. I have seldom even seen any moire, and managed so suppress it when it was there (change FL or distance from image).

The hazards and pitfalls of micro four thirds photography, are sometimes daunting, but it sure is a lot of fun.

I think you're worrying too much about rare things. I'm sort of 8 years in and multiple tens of thousands of shots, and only vaguely suspected shutter shock once, and do not recall ever having a shot ruined by moire. Shoot more, learn more, and worry about something only if it is a persistent problem.

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