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Re: Photos won't upload

Omigosh, you guys go on with trivia. Fancy creating a sub-string just to argue about a silly thing like that. Do I need to add smiley faces to everything I say to attempt to ward off pointless discussions?

Yes, the user sees the content of the attached USB device, be it a camera or hard drive or SSD or flash memory USB as a "Disk"because of the needed formatting of the device, be it NTFS, eFAT FAT16, FAT32, etc etc. to make it easily and familiarly accessible.

In the case of the camera I simply reminded the OP that there is no internal storage in the form of a disk, just the inserted SD/SDHC/SDXC card in the camera that contains the file data.

In this case it appears that the OP does not quite understand the file structure to be found on the camera card and needs to drill down into the folder structure more to find the images. Drill a heck of a lot deeper to find any video clips of course.

Rant completed now, and I did add the appropriate smiley face.

Not the same camera but still Sony and the folder structure looks a lot like this.....

The images will reside within the "100MSDCF" folder in my case, after the 9999thimage it will be the "101MSDCF"folder. All cameras seem to stick to having images somewhere in sub-folders within the basic "DCIM" folder.

The video clips for Sony live down in the "PRIVATE" area and 4K clips will be in the M4ROOT/CLIP folder. I've not used AVCHD but I guess that sort of clip would be in the "STREAM" folder.

It is simply a matter of drilling down through folders and sub-folders until something viewable is seen.

That screen clip above is how FastStone Viewer sees things, it is the same as Windows Explorer, just a different background.

Regards..... Guy

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