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Re: Flashes and e-shutter

Simone S wrote:

The point (at least on the a9) is it would be faster than the 5 fps shooting you get with the mechanical shutter Here are some hummingbirds shot with multiple synced flashes at 14 fps


I also don't understand why I'm forced to use bulb mode with mechanical shutter. I didn't understand it with DSLRs, and it makes even less sense with the a9.

If I want to do long (~30s) exposure time lapse, what's the practical advantage of the mechanical shutter activating between shots? All it's doing is wearing out the shutter for what could only be miniscule gains in IQ, for something that will be rendered to video anyway?

I think actual A9 it will be able to do 10 fps but with focus acquisition only on the first shot, without tracking or focusing between the shots... and with a sync speed not faster than @ 1/125 sec.

Can you explain a little how you came to your conclusions? Lack of knowledge, experience, and sleep is making it impossible for me to conceptualise what's going on.

By the way I'm also wondering why bulb mode it's not available with silent-shutter....

I haven't made a single time lapse with my a9 because of it

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