generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

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Re: generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

hi jlafferty, MindInRewind

thank you for your comments full of tips !!!
I like to shoot with as less possible post... "analogue" way :)so probably I could make the shadow with the paint or color paper....

Yes it is hard to have this shadow...with very strong sun... it is possible but then the sun light affect another parts of body as well...

thank you!!

MindInRewind wrote:

jlafferty wrote:

It looks like the shadow has been cleaned up in post, i.e. the edge has been straightened.

The cleanest shadow edges come from a fresnel because the rays arriving at the subject are parallel. A grid has a similar result though my gut tells me with greater light loss. A focused spot with a lens can work, too, though it generally has blue fringing at the edge.

The relationship of light distance to subject, and subject distance to wall/floor should be taken into account as well. You need to get the light as far away as possible from the subject; and the subject as close to the surface you want your shadow projected on.

The flatness comes from filling the shadows with a secondary, or multiple secondary sources, with coverage bigger than your subject. You do this classically either directly behind camera, or directly behind your key light (no matter its axis).

If you've got more examples, and especially examples with the model's face, that could be helpful.

I too think the shadow was cleaned in post. It also could have been shot outside in the sun light.


icoh wrote:

thank you,

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