Camera phones and YOU.

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A phone camera is

A small sensor fixed lens wide angle snapshot camera with good to excellent in-camera jpeg processing (depending on model) access to fairly advanced on board image editing software, and first rate digital connectivity.

It is the modern entry in a long line of fixed lens wide angle snapshot cameras from the Kodak Brownie through the Arguses and the Instamatics and various 35mm film point and shoots. Everybody who has seen an old photo album knows what subjects these cameras are especially good for: the birthday party, the new car, the big snow, the prom couple, the palm tree to prove you were once in Hawaii.  Life and the proof of life.

They aren't sports cameras. They aren't wildlife cameras. (Though they do a great job with the new player in their uniform and the family dog.) They aren't  a professional tool for large prints or editorial, or winning the big prizes. They are fixed lens wide angle snapshot cameras. The ones on good phones are excellent examples of the breed, that's all.

And yes, it has always been the privilege and the duty of artists to make art out of any materials and with any tools available whenever we feel like it. So of course a lot of us are doing creative work with our smartphone cameras, because, hey, it's a camera. And it's sitting right there.

I just got a Pixel 3a, and my vow to never use the portrait mode with the fake depth of field blur lasted about 2 days. I just got too curious. Samples in a reply after  i change devices.

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