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Re: UWA lens choice

Jen Kuiper wrote:

Tamron 17-30 f2.8-4 or the z mount 14-30 f4?

I have the 17-30, but can return it. I thought the 2.8 would be good for astro at the widest focal length, but I live in the overpopulated mid-atlantic, and I will not be in good 'dark places' very often.

The Z mount is wider, holds aperture throughout, and is lighter. It will probably do the trick for 99% of my uses, but is a twice the cost.

Good enough reasons to switch?

Pondering the under $300 rokinon 14mm F-mount if I really want astro. Not sure I'd go for the almost twice as expensive new z-mount version untested.


I’ve been thinking along similar lines for an Astro lens. There is also the rokinon 14mm f/2.4 which reviews well for Astro (better than the 2.8 which has a reputation for sample variation).  I quite like the idea of the Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero D.  At the moment only Sony but I thought I saw a rumour that it will soon (July ???) be available for Z.  This one also seems a better size match for travelling with a Z body...

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