TG-6 Reviews - Pre-release Compilation

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TG-6 Reviews - Pre-release Compilation

The TG-6 will be released soon (June 28th). I thought it would be helpful to compile a master list of pre-release reviews for those considering an early buy.

Most TG-6 "reviews" are not that...they are simply copying and pasting spec information from other sites. Only included are reviews with unique perspectives, sample photos and/or sample video.

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Official documentation...some samples.


The best review so far for underwater photographers.

Robin Wong:

Terrific macro shots.


Not much new in this review, but it does include some sample photos of the Seattle area.


This is a good review that focuses on subtle differences between the TG-6 and TG-5

Imaging Resources:

Some studio pictures. Nice thing here is you can compare some photos directly with the TG-5.


Nice detailed review. Some photos show the dreaded blue spot.

Digital Camera World:

Not a super detailed review...some lowlight footage.

Peter Forsgard:

Not much here eitiher....some samples of the fish-eye lens and some decent dandelion macro.


British site...some outdoor samples.

Camera Jabber:

Under-exposed goose video...but does show the dreaded blue spot.

Tharapong Talubnak

Some wide angle underwater video.

Derek Forss:

Many outdoor photos and woth checking out. Some photos look noisy...but to be fair the user cropped many of the images so detail was lost. The user also shot many photos in overcast conditions and indoors. He shot raw and did his own post-processing...likely he simply didn't apply any noise reduction which the default jpgs would have provided. He did say photoshop and lightroom already support TG-6 raw files. I think the color looks good in many of these shots though.



Nice macro shots.

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