Camera phones and YOU.

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Re: Camera phones and YOU.

73Instamatic wrote:

I responded to the poll. But I have to say, I think these threads are pointless.

People use what they use. And no two people's reasons are the same.

Case in point... my current phone:

Why you might ask?

First - I wear reading glasses with a pretty high magnification. So smartphones are useless to me because I'd never be able to use any App without also having the readers on hand. And I don't carry a pair everywhere I go. I refuse to do that. I don't want to be like a "granny" with a pair hanging around my neck all day.

Second - I don't like what the data plans cost. Plus I have PC's and/or laptops at home, work, and on the road. I spend enough time looking at the screen. I don't lack for internet access in other ways.

Third - I hate texting.

Fourth - According to my phone's history, which saves the last 30 calls I've dialed, that history goes back to Aug 28th, 2018. So I'm guessing that I make about 50 phone calls a year. I probably receive more than that. But excluding tele-marketting calls, I'm sure it's less than 150. Less is better.

Anyway, Smartphones take great photos. Let it be. It is what it is.

The thread obviously has a point to you, as you took the time to write this thoughtful response. For all the smartphone bashing here, I think it's interesting that there's such widespread photographic use among die hard standalone camera geeks. If people with decades of experience with photography and "real" cameras can find photographic uses for cameraphones.....

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