Can a shutter count be incorrect?

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Mathieu18 wrote:

You win. I've lost my mind or something. I just checked JPEG & RAW shots on an A7R and it's doing the same.

XeroJay wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

Where do you get that from? Aside from being labeled image count not shutter count I’ve checked myself and seen it increase by multiples of using both, though I admittedly do t remember which model that was on now (not an A7III anyway.)

XeroJay wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

I believe it’s an “image” count, not shutter. It’s not perfect but good estimates. So Raw+JPEG will add two frames. 2-5 is weird unless you were playing with things though.

dressedlikerappers wrote:

hey, a bit of a weird/pointless and dumb question but basically I just got a new a7iii, fired off a shot, checked the shot, shutter count was on two websites said it was at 2, all good - I shot it as a fine jpg - i don’t remember taking any more shots after that

I updated my camera to get the new firmware and took another photo and the shutter count was now at 5? - different sd card, shot in extra fine + raw.

because i shot it on two different SD cards I can’t get the file names to align.

if I didn’t shoot off any other snaps (which I’m really not entirely sure of, but I don’t generally delete stuff so I want to say I didn’t) - any chance the original reading of 2 shots was wrong?

reason for investigating is I’m annoyingly pedantic and Sony a7iii’s don’t come factory sealed in Australia anymore so i wanted to see if it had been used before. Thanks for humouring me!

That's completely incorrect. It is literally a shutter actuation count. Even silent shutter images don't add to the count. Sometimes after you change the battery it will take dark frame shots for pixel mapping. You'll hear the actuation, and it will add to the shutter count.

I have tested it myself. I checked the shutter count using the silent shutter, and it does not contribute to the count. Here's the first and last images taken from a series of 10 images with silent shutter enabled. Same shutter count, even 10 images later:

No winners or losers here man, we're all just trying to contribute the best we can. I've certainly had my share of brain farts in these forums!

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