Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

j2scriba wrote:

giarc wrote:

Cameras are tools, don't blame your tools, make them work for you.


I want the tool to behave the way I set it up to work and not do what it thinks is best for me. I'm not trying to make it do magic. To me, the behaviour I have would have expected seems pretty logical.

Yeah, fair enough. I think in an auto mode they shouldn’t do nothing and get the exposure wrong, so busting the ISO ceiling or minimum shutter speed are the options. Personally, I think they got the decision right; it is after all an ISO setting, with a minimum shutter speed attached. But that’s just my opinion 😁

The important thing is to know how the camera will behave. Agreeing with Nikon’s decision here is beside the point.  Expecting the camera to do what seems obvious and right to me has led to more bad shots than I care to contemplate. I personally find NOT letting the camera make too many decisions about such things suits me best( manual mode, and AUTO ISO with an acceptable max). What works for me doesn’t always work for others.

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