Camera phones and YOU.

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Camera phones and YOU.

Just wanted to take the temperature of the forum. Obviously offer your opinions and experiences as well as your votes.

Personally, I am somewhere between option 4 and 5. By volume my smartphone is my main camera, mainly for videos of my offspring. But whenever we travel I bring and use my A7R2.  The main thing that keeps me using the A7R2 is that I view photos from it on a 4K monitor and sometimes print. Phones just aren't up to that level of IQ and I'm not sure they will be any time soon.

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I don't use a smartphone at all.
11.7% 25  votes
I use a smartphone, but not for anything camera related.
7.5% 16  votes
I use my smartphone camera, but only for documentation purposes (i.e. photos for an auto insurance claim)
29.9% 64  votes
I use my smartphone camera for some creative work, but my standalone camera(s) is my main photo/video device.
43.9% 94  votes
My smartphone camera is my main camera, but I still have a standalone camera for certain uses.
5.6% 12  votes
My smartphone camera is my ONLY camera.
1.4% 3  votes
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