Swallows with EM1X and 300 Pro

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Re: Swallows with EM1X and 300 Pro

glassoholic wrote:

SHood wrote:

glassoholic wrote:

Tony Rogers wrote:

Very nice! Not easy with the birds against that background.

I presume that you had your focus limiter set? I would also be interested in all the other settings that you used! Focus points? Centre priority? etc.

F5, 1/2500, auto ISO, CAF +1, E shutter 18fps L, 9x7 custom AF points, no centre priority or centre start, Sync IS On and FPS Priority, shutter release priority on and AF Limiter 4-120m. EE1 Dot Sight... most important of all.

I am still on the fence with the +1 CAF setting... I used to use +2 and think for swallows rapid changes in direction, probably +2 will be better.

I would have thought that the E shutter wasn't fast enough for swallows.

E shutter is always the "same" speed as mechanical... but you can get distortion... leaning over trees in the background, or a warped tennis racquet mid return etc. I have shot tens of thousands of BIF and other action, and never regretted e-shutter.

'Glass' is right. If you're following the Swallow, then it's not moving much in the frame. But the background, particularly buildings, can be distorted if you're panning quickly. But OOF background buildings are a 'delete' for me anyway.

So personally I've never (yet) had an issue with e-shutter.


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