Aperture on kit lenses vs smartphone

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Re: Aperture on kit lenses vs smartphone

Just as an update on this....I went ahead and bought the canon m50, I tried it out last night and still the images taken are much better on my phone! It's so frustrating! I know that if I bought a prime lens the image quality would improve but you kind of feel cheated a bit that after spending a fair bit of money on what should technically perform significantly better, it loses to a samsung s9 🙄 I haven't really tried messing with the settings yet, I've only shot in auto and in aperture priority at the largest aperture but I'm not happy with the low light results - lots of noise compared to the phone and way more detail retained on the phone images - see below for an example, am I going mad?

Samsung s9 shot:

Canon m50 shot:

Another example in good lighting where more detail is retained with the s9 shots:

S9 shot:

Close up on the bag - so much sharper and so much more detail on the s9:

Canon m50:

Why?? 😭

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