Lighting setup for a sunset proposal ceremony?

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Ahnaf Akeef
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Lighting setup for a sunset proposal ceremony?

Hello everyone!

So the ceremony is going to be pretty straightforward - rooftop setting, starting a little before sunset and ending a little after, not too many people, the "stage" area will be lit by fairy lights (or something similar, nothing too fancy), candles will light the path leading to the stage. You get the idea.

So my initial concern is having to prepare for at least three lighting situations - before, during, and after sunset. That being said, please address my admittedly novice questions.

1. Assuming my priority is shooting the couple, can I get satisfactory shots with just one light for the entire ceremony throughout the changing the lighting conditions (and maybe a reflector on the opposite side to fill in the shadows)?

2. If yes, how do I position the light in order to get the optimum lighting for both people when they're both on the stage? (I would want the best possible outcomes for the kneeling down shot, putting the ring on shot, kissing each other shot etc)

3. Will a 500W unit suffice in overpowering the sun before sunset? (I'm assuming it will suffice during and after sunset anyway)

4. Am I correct in assuming that both a bare bulb and softbox modifiers can have its uses for such an event? If yes, what shape and size should my modifier be?

5. If I get one 36"~48" octabox (assuming that's an appropriate choice for the occasion), how many people can I light at most for group shots if I pair it with a 500W unit?

6. Should I choose to shoot some wide shots, will I be able to remove the light from the photos in post?

(I'm assuming my existing camera and lens will be fine since I've got every focal length covered between 11mm and 200mm, and have a fast prime for close-ups.)

As you can probably tell by now, I'm not very experienced in this particular genre of photography. So if you feel that there is more to account for than what I've already asked here, I'd really appreciate it if you point it out so I can prepare better for the shoot.

Also, I'd greatly appreciate tutorials and your own images for inspiration (especially if shot with one light), so feel free to link me to any resource you feel might be useful.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.

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