Fox Family - I couldn't believe my luck!

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Fox Family - I couldn't believe my luck!

I was riding my bike at a local park along the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay. As I passed a ditch, I saw a pair of fox kits dart into the end of a large pipe/culvert.

Now I have been hiking and mountain biking the local parks for decades and I can't recall seeing any foxes in the wild except for a few mangy looking ones near the local golf courses. I got off my bike to look for them and there they were down past the other end of the pipe. They were in a little clearing just off a parallel trail. They acted like their den was nearby.

Some people walked towards them along the trail, but they seemed used to people. I went down there and took a few shots with my GM5 and 35-100. I hung around for probably 15 minutes, took a few more shots and left, vowing to return with my 60D and 100-400.

So the next day I went back and saw one of the kits. I think because it was by itself, it was more timid around me, so I gave it space. There was garbage around the den area that they had collected and it began playing with a cookie wrapper. That seemed to get the attention of another kit and they began playing tug-o-war with the wrapper. As they continued to play, they paid less attention to me. Eventually, a third kit appeared, then a fourth! It was hard to keep them in the frame!

I couldn't believe it! All those years of nothing and now there are wild foxes playing about 30 feet from me! And no stupid branches getting in the way!!! I saw there was another fox that had approached from my left and it was the moma fox! I don't how long it was watching me before it approached. I noticed it was battle scarred and one of its eyes was shut. It wasn't that concerned with me and it walked over to join the pups. A couple of them started to suckle and I started firing away!

Endless patience

One of them kept climbing over her. Great multitasking here!

I told a couple of friends about them and we went back a couple of days later. I noticed that when the pups went to suckle, mom was not allowing them anymore! There were jackrabbit and Canadian goose carcasses around the den area.

One of the kits gave my pedal a few test bites!

Mom came over later and they both sniffed my tires. Mom did a lot of grooming on the kits.

Mom trusted us enough to disappear for bit and bring back a nice rat. Later, she disappeared again and brought back a striper! We figured it was dead already and she found it somewhere. We didn't know foxes ate fish!

Never used a dead fish eye for foreground interest before ☺

I could not believe that I had stumbled upon a fox family that was right near a trail and used to people! One negative aspect was that at one point, I was getting something out of my pack and a plastic bag was making crinkling sounds. The mama fox and one of the kits immediately ran up to me, expecting food. We were immediately disgusted that the foxes were used to being fed.

We went back a few times later and didn't seem them anymore. One time, a guy came by and told us a fox was eating a couple hundred yards away. We went over there and they seemed to be at a new den area. We got a few shots, then they disappeared into the bushes.

Since then, I haven't seen them. I can only hope they are ok. If mom moved them farther away from a trail, that should be best for the family.

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