Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed


I don't feel confused about the modes. Rather, I feel that Nikon is confusing me by implementing a mode that basically says, "No, you don't really want that".

As I explained, I want an open aperture, I want a minimum shutter speed, and I want a maximum ISO. And I think I now pretty well what all those parameters mean. I am completely aware that these settings can result in "underexposed" pictures in some cases, but this is what I want, because I know that in these cases full-auto-max ISO will result in completely blown highlights.

If someone wants the full-auto mode, simply set a slow min shutter speed and leave the max ISO at max. But if I set those values manually to achieve the effect I plan for, why would the camera override my settings?

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