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Re: Sunstars

Albert Valentino wrote:

Danielvr wrote:

Would love to see how it renders sunstars [..]

Poorly or not at all, I'm afraid.. the specifications say that its aperture has 9 rounded blades. A nicely rounded aperture like that does not create sunstars (explanation).

I have found that to be common among many newer lenses. I shot Fuji from 2012 - 2016 and none of my fuji lenses (which include the Fuji 14mm prime) did this very well due to the more rounded blades. However, my PL 8-18 does a very acceptable job, so maybe there is hope for this lens. However, my query is only about curiosity, since this lens is not on my wish list and the PL 8-18 is just a wonderful lens.

Here's a frame grab from a video clip Chris shot with the 10-25mm. Unfortunately, no metadata for the video file, but I believe this was around F13-16.

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