Best lens for hiking/landscape... and dogs

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Re: Best lens for hiking/landscape... and dogs

Schlumbergera wrote:

Minolta_A2 wrote:


I haven't read all the comments so it's likely some of my questions are redundant. Please ignore if that's the case.

I'm curious why you don't use 14-150 as a default lens over 12mm 2.0 when you hike. If so, you wouldn't miss taking pictures of wildlife animals when you encounter.

I assume 2 things.
- You need f2.0 by default. (I don't think this is the case as you are considering 12-100).
- You need 12mm. I assume this is the case. 14mm is too narrow for your default angle.

Now, you are trying to achieve two things with a new lens.
- Long enough for the wildlife opportunities
- Indoor dog portraits(which has to be bright)
= long and bright lens that's light as well. I don't think there's such a lens.

You are considering those lenses.
1) 12-60 f2.8-4.0
Simply no because this is not long enough for hiking wildlife opportunities. It's virtually same as your 12-40mm in this case.

2) 12-100 f4.0
Still no because this is not long enough for hiking wildlife opportunities. On top of that, this is not bright so it's impossible for a moving subject(dog) indoors.

I've had both lenses and I think those are not meant for wildlife at all.

I think you might want to look into new olympus 12-200mm f3.5-6.3. The reason is...
-It begins with 12mm(again, if that's your priority)
-It goes up to 200mm (I still think 200mm is not long enough for wildlife, but it will do sometimes). Also, it's f6.3 but it should be okay with bright day light.
-It's lighter and cheaper than 12-100mm so it should be within your consideration.
-It's no use for indoor at all so keep your 12mm f2.0 for your future dog. I'd suggest 25mm primes, but you said you are looking into replacing one lens. However, 12-200mm will replace 14-150mm so that's that. Then I believe by keeping 12-40mm, it could be used for your indoor dog portraits.

Again, sorry if these ideas are redundant.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I have just written two updates, 1) that I decided to buy the 12-100, and 2) that I made a mistake in my original post and the tele-lens I’ve had so far was 40-150, not 14-150.

if I had 14-150, I might have just kept that. However, I use the wide end of my 12-40 very often and so I would certainly fing the 14 mm limiting.

The 12-200 is a different story. I must say I didn’t know it existed. If I knew, my choice might have been different :), Still, the choice is made (for now). I’ll probably keep the 12-40 mm for the indoor dog photos, and take the 12-100 plus a fast 12 mm prime for hiking, and see how I find the 100 mm limit for the occassional wildlife.

Great choice!

Like many others say, it's a very versatile lens that covers most of the outdoor needs or some stationary indoors. I am curious how you would use between 12-40 and 12-100 as it seems many people finding it redundant and choose one over another(mostly 12-100). I never head 12-40 so I don't know that.

Now, I have to stop comparing lenses and go out hike and take some pictures! (or of my dog!)

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