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Re: Cheaper in Oz.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Pov2 wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Pete_W wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Tom, while looking for something else I did find the Aussie price at a Brisbane store

Start saving now.

The AUD will really kill demand for gear like this!

B&H price US$1797.99 plus tax

Brisbane price Oz$2689 includes tax, so tax free price Oz$2444.55 = US$1675.09 on today's rate. So that lens is actually cheaper in Australia.

Aussies can get that tax refunded at the airport when going on holidays within 60 days of purchase, of course they need to declare that value when coming back in (they do keep track of you) but by then it is a used item and I've always been waved through with expensive gear declared.

As an aside I will 99% sure buy the Panasonic 8-18mm lens for my next holiday....

B&H price US$1097.99 plus tax.

Aussie price Oz$1078 includes tax, and tax removed Oz$980 = US$671.53 - again seems a bit cheaper than USA.

Maybe our weak dollar is working for us as the retailers try to avoid sticker shock and Hong Kong competition.

Regards.... Guy

Nice! Do you know of any Oz retailers that sell and ship internationally?

Never worried about that angle.

But there possibly may be better prices via various Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan sources. Hong Kong or Taiwan often beats the Aussie prices, but with awkward warranty situations of course.

Then of course there are import taxes, duties etc on incoming goods of value to be considered. Check your own country's rules on that.

Basically it's case of save a few dollars maybe, and help kill local stores. I always try and buy at local stores (Sydney) or online from bricks and mortar stores within Australia, only reach outside Oz for the unobtainium things.

Regards..... Guy

I don't know. From your example USD $1098-$671 = $427 is quite a bit more than a few dollars. I am in Canada. Warranty won't apply is I buy something from abroad, doesn't matter from where. I will have to pay tax (13%) regardless if I buy something locally or from B&H, or from Oz, or from the Moon. If the price difference is small it's worth buying locally for warranty. But I would forgo warranty if the difference is USD $427. That's why I am interested.

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