Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

Henry Richardson wrote:

stanton wrote:

The one thing I'm bummed about is the total abandonment of Windows 7, with only Win10 as an (realistic) option in the PC realm. I have Win 10 on a backup notebook, unsuitable for photo tasks, and I detest the OS.

I have used all the versions of Windows since 3.1 in about 1994. I have been using Win10 on several computers since it came out. I have had the free Classic Shell on all of them going back to the first one with Win10:

It makes Win10 much more like Win7.

Yes, Classic Shell brought some sense to Win8, but it's not necessary for Win10.

From the link...

Dec 3rd, 2017 - Classic Shell is no longer actively developed

After 8 years I have decided to stop developing Classic Shell. The source code for the latest version is released on SourceForge. More details here...

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