Looking for info on the 24-85vr

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Re: Looking for info on the 24-85vr


I'm considering getting this lens for one specialized purpose - underwater photography. Before buying a lens, plus a port and a zoom gear and extension, I'd like to find out more information on the lens itself.

Why this lens? Because it is the ONLY normal zoom that I see listed for Nauticam housing that includes a zoom gear and a port. Which rules out both my 24-120 and 24-70 (which I already own).

I don't really care too much about ultimate resolution - I have no choice on the lens choice anyway! But I do carry about corner issues, and underwater that tends to mean 'close focus ability'.

Question 1 - how close does the lens focus at both 24 and 85 mm ranges?

Question 2 - how flat is the focus plane for this lens?

Question 3 - have you seen any VR issues, particularly around 1/160th-1/250th?

Question 4 - what about corners? Do they clear up significantly at some f-stop? Is so, what? (Underwater performance here tends to be worse, sometimes a lot worse.)

Bonus question - if you've ever used it underwater, what were the pros and cons?

I typically shoot a wide zoom at F8-F16 and a macro at F16-32, so shooting wide open isn't an expectation.

Hi Craig,

I shot all these photos recently with the 24-85 nikon vr lens.


No VR issues and the corners don't look soft. The focus distance is reputed to be about 15 inches. It is my 'go-to' lens for work related tours and family get-togethers. Fast and reliable.

It is not too expensive, around $500 I think. Both Thom Hogan and Ken Rockwell seem to like it, so it is crowd pleaser I suppose.

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