Some content in RAW images lost when editing

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Re: Some content in RAW images lost when editing

gf1701 wrote:

I don't think this is camera or software-specific, but perhaps someone here can answer my question. I just noticed that a photo I shot in RAW is being cropped by the editor (Photoshop Elements). In this instance, I took the photo in Yosemite National Park, and Half Dome was in the top left corner of the picture. Here's what that segment of the photo looks like when the RAW file is rendered in a viewer:

Screen snapshot of RAW file from photo viewer

It' s meant to be at the edge of the photo. But when I open the photo in Photoshop Elements (or look at a JPG rendering), I get this:

I suspect that this has been happening all along, but I never noticed it before because I wasn't interested in anything at the edges. Can someone explain why this happens? Is there a way to edit (and maybe this question is software-specific) the original content of the RAW file?

The camera is killing two birds with one stone.  At the wide angle, it has serious optically uncorrected barrel distortion, pulling the corner images inwards where they actually are inside of the imaging circle.  Correcting this allows the camera to provide a wider angle than the optics can well support but since it has to provide rectangular output, some cropping after geometric correction is still necessary.

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