Some content in RAW images lost when editing

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Re: Some content in RAW images lost when editing

To provide you with help that's apllicable to yoou camera need post the camera you're using; especially if images do not have the the EXIF Data.

Basically majority the Panasonic WA to Tele zoom lenses do not fully cover the sensor corners and the camera's in-camera JPEG procesing crops the image to not show the vinetting at corners of the images.

PSE uses the embedded JPG camera lens profile to correct lens vignetting and distortions to convert a RAW image to JPG image. PSE not the only app the uses the embedded camera JPEG lens profile to save from having to create their own lens profiles for all various camera/ lens combos. Good or bad, the converted RAW images will match the OOC JPG images.

If you shoot with the JPG+RAW you will see the PSE converted RAW image will match the camera's OOC JPG images.

There was a previous post with similar subject:
"Lumix Fz 1000 possible RAW problem or bad settings?!" HERE

For example see as to some images from previous post of mine: ...

Basically the majority of fixed-lens compacts with a 24mm equiv. to tele zoom lens, the lens image circle does not fully cover the sensor's edges/ corners at the WA. Hence the camera's JPG processing crops, corrects barrel distortion, and stretches the image to fill-in corners.

If you shoot 24mm equiv. as JPG+RAW you can view the unedited RAW image with an app like FastStone Image View to see actual image captured vs the corrected JPG image; e.g., JPG+RAW image downloaded from TZ70 Review:

PhotographyBlog JPG. Compare this JPG with RAW image below to see amount of cropping at edges to the JPG image.

RAW image viewed with FastStone Image Viewer and saved as JPG to post here.

Imaging Resource FZ1000 Review Sample image (FZ1000FAR2WTW)


Image below shows how much the FZ1000's JPG is crops the and upscales the back to the native 5472 x 3648 20MP resolution.

IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2 RAW image opened in FastStone Image View and save as JPG w/o any edits.

Below DxO PhotoLab provides a wider field of view not possible from OOC JPG; no perspective corrections to image.

IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2 RAW image processed with DxO PhotoLab, without perspective corrections

Below DxO PhotoLab coverted RAW image, and DxO ViewPoint perspective corrections.

IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2 RAW image processed with DxO PhotoLab & ViewPoint perspective corrections


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