Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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Re: Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

stanton wrote:

In terms of the basics... I'm looking for minimum of 16GB. Now 250 SSD is minimum but would prefer 500. Storage, not a problem. I have internal SATA drives I can bring over and at least 6TB of external storage.

Some data for you...

Windows 10 plus a fair collection of applications such as MS-Office and various graphics programs takes up about 60Gb, so you can get by with 128Gb for the boot SSD, provided that you have no other plans for it, such as the catalog.

What I don't have a handle is processor and graphics specs.

When I was putting together computers, the CPU and graphics choices were always rather obvious; the wholesale supplier kept a range of hardware and it was just a matter of price point, and intended role of the computer. Some were for gaming, while most were for business.

I've gone the custom computer route twice, once built by myself and one BTO. Unfortunately, there were components that didn't play well together and found that the "brands" didn't have those issues and if there was a problem, as with my business desktop, I only had to call one company who had to diagnose and fix the problems.

I only used components from a single supplier, so never had compatibility issues.

One particular customer, who self-identified as an "advanced thinker", proposed sourcing the cheapest components from a range of suppliers (some interstate) and getting me to put it all together. The potential saving would have been no more than 10%.

He couldn't understand why I wasn't interested, and was surprised when I suggested that there might be an additional cost for my contribution to his project.

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