32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

My understanding is that percent refers to linear dimension, so 200% means height and width are each doubled, and each original image pixel now occupies the area of four monitor pixels.

Yes you're right.  That hadn't occurred to me but I just tried increasing the size of an image in Photoshop to 200% and that's exactly what happens, the area of the image is quadrupled   So that should work well then for cleaning up noise.  Thanks for clearing that up.

Before you buy, if you have a tablet or smartphone with similar pixel density, you can get a rough idea for yourself: put a noisy image in the tablet and magnify the view. (In the Display settings for the device, turn off the enhancement setting(s).)

Good idea; I'll try that.

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