EM1X, Forest, June 16. 2019

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Re: EM1X, Forest, June 16. 2019

Donald B wrote:

Paul Auclair wrote:

Donald B wrote:

No 2 is my pick, shame it wasn’t shot at iso 800 @ 1/200 sec.



I knew I had Auto ISO set (often do in the forest) and was seeing ISO 3200 with the Flycatchers.

I did drop the shutter down assuming the camera would lower the ISO too but it turns out I should have been keeping a better eye on things as the ISO did not drop.

Next time

easy to do hey, last night I took an image of my dog on the lounge ,grabbed the 25 .95 set wide open got 3 shots before he moved and notice the auto iso was 1600 but its still a great image and will print at a3 no problems. your bird image is such a beautiful image love the 3d look ( perspective) with the surrounding branches ,that's very hard to do on a consistent basis.


thanks Don.

my ISO limit is 3200.

if 3200 is not 'enough' then i choose to under-expose hoping to salvage in post.

it's not a terrible issue if there is enough detail captured to hide the noise.

so, with the Flycatchers, when i changed the shutter from 1/1200-1/1600 to 1/800 there was no change in ISO 3200 because i was underexposing at the higher speeds.

i kinda thought at the time that i had more light than i obviously did which is why i wasn't paying too much attn.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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