Considering using Olympus USA repair? 🙁

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Very curious followup: Olympus USA repair

Olympus ignored my email response from Friday. Wanting to move this forward, I called a few minutes ago. If I want my camera fixed, I must pay a final total of $173.51, per my conversation on the phone with Olympus a few moments ago.

What makes this curious is that I was told that the technician "discovered" that my EVF is not working!!!!! The tech must dismantle the camera to replace necessary part(s) and effect the repair. The thing is, MY EVF WAS FINE WHEN I SHIPPED THE CAMERA. My repair request has nothing to do with the EVF. In three years of ownership, the EVF has never given me any problems. Now, after authorizing $76.69 on Thursday, suddenly my Pen F EVF no longer works and on Friday I have a $173.51 repair bill. I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

By the way, my request was to replace a defective battery door and provide a minor cosmetic repair. The camera worked fine otherwise. I see now that I should have employed a rubber band and called it a day.

And yes, for you sharp-eyed individuals, the repair quote, in writing through email, on Friday was $173.24. I have no idea how today it comes to $173.51; that additional $0.27 must be important to Olympus. I authorized the final total, otherwise Olympus was going to ship back a bricked camera AND charge me return shipping.

Olympus has lost me as a future customer. I'll keep my µ4/3 kit, but instead of looking at Olympus to keep my gear fresh in the future, I think I'll dip my toes into a second system and give a basic FF body a try. That's unfortunate for Olympus, who has had my business since 1973 with the original OM-1.

Thanks for your interest. I'm done talking about this unless the camera is returned to me improperly serviced. Unfortunately, I think the likelihood of that is rather substantial.

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