Small Shoulder bag for 2 lenses and some filters?

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Small Shoulder bag for 2 lenses and some filters?

So I've been doing a lot of street photography recently, and have mostly settled onto a 2-lens setup.

1 lens on the camera, 1 lens in one of these on a shoulder strap, no filters.  At need, a tripod over the other shoulder which works out to 3 straps around my neck.  When I need to switch lenses, I swing the lenspack onto my stomach and switch out.

And what that ends up coming down to is that I bring my 16-35GM with either the 85 or the 55 or the 24-105/4.  And I'd like a bag for "And".

16-35 + 24-105 + 135 (Do not yet own, but would like to)
16-35 + 28-75 + 135
16-35 + 55 + 70-200/4 (Ditto)
16-35 + 55 + 85

The worst case scenario is probably the 16-35 + 24-105 + 70-200/4, with one lens on the camera and 2 in the bag.  If I ever go full telephoto, that's an automatic daypack, and I will make another one of these threads).

So on and so forth.

Any reccs for a waterproof shoulder bag that can hold a few 77mm filters in a filter holder, some extra SD cards, a couple of rain sleeves, and 2 lenses no bigger than the GM 135 or the 70-200/4 + 24-105/4?

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