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Re: Apparently not

John Mason wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

John Mason wrote:

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

brentbrent wrote:

Somewhat surprising. Roughly how many EM1Xs are we talking about when you say "everyone" but the one Panasonic and one Nikon?

It was organised by the Olympus Pro Gear Fan Club.

Apparently not:


Just a random event, then.

apparently the gentlemen did a post about the trip, he noted how many on the trip used bodies not much smaller than his but had a sensor 4 x smaller...he thought it quaint.

Obviously made up and tongue in cheek, but i wonder how a thread such as that would be received here

Probably with the sarcastic responses all posts that equate camera body size with system size deserve. Of course, I wouldn't do that

Of course not

from: https://photopixreview.com/nikon-50mm-f1-8-ai-s-pancake-lens-review/

Good one!
(by system size I'm referring to the whole kit likely to be brought on such an expedition as the OP was on )
It is annoying how big stuff has gotten compared to film days. But lens purpose to lens purposes, those haven't changed that much over time.

I agree the lens designers have went down the performance road ignoring the size consequences . Some of the Sigma art lenses whilst great are humongous .Their admittedly excellent 40mm F/1.4 weighs in at whopping 1200g! . As someone who rarely shoots wide open fast lenses I would love some slower but still high quality alternatives

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