Help! Capture One crashing erratically on my iMac

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Help! Capture One crashing erratically on my iMac

Hello everybody,

and my apologies for a rather longish post.

I am currently switching my central editing and DAM program: I have to replace Aperture and would like to switch to C1P.

Alas, C1P 12 erratically crashes my iMac (retina of late 2014, i7, 24 GB RAM, 3 TB Fusion drive, but all photo data now is on a Drobo 5D3 with Thunderbolt 2  (up to 20 Gbit/s)). I observed the same crashes in January when I first testes C1P. After long discussions with the C1P support they could not help me. At that time my SynoIogy NAS was broken and to keep me working I had to fill my fusion drive right to the very edge - with instabilities occurring from time to time. When the NAS came back and I had relieved the Fusion drive of its overload everything seemed to work fine and stable again. So I attributed the crashes of C1P to this issue. And the crashes always happened within a minute or so of using C1P. So not even living with them was (and is) an option as working with teh software simply is impossible under these conditions.

Recently, I got an offer from PhaseOne to buy C1P with a strong reduction which I dared to do without being able to test the software on the mentioned iMac again. But I had tested the software on my (slow) MacBook Air - and everything seemed to work as intended. So, when the offer came in I simply decided to jump ship.

That was three weeks ago. With the license I gave C1P 12 a brief test run and when everything looked fine I started importing my Aperture data into C1P catalogs (which took several days alone).

Then the trouble started. Without any rule C1P crashes my Mac on the latest OS (meanwhile Mojave 10.14.5). It happens most likely when switching between two photos in the catalog. The little spinning wheel that indicates the the full size version is loading while the preview already is visible turns - and never stops turning. The whole OS is freezing, so to speak as I cannot enter anything into the computer neither by mouse nor by keyboard. All I can do is to cut the current by long pressing the power button. Of course I immediately contacted the C1P support - and as well the Apple support (I talked to them a whole day from 9 am to 6 pm with first and second level supporters: my Mac seemed to be fine - and they were pretty sure that the problem was C1P related - which I think myself as all my trouble started with the installation of C1P, ended with deinstallation and started again with reinstalling C1P).

With the C1P support their latest message after three weeks was (in my own words and after sending them several crash reports etc.): They have never encountered a similar problem. They have no idea. They believe that some components of the macOS are just missing but they are not sure.

By endless testing up to this morning I was convinced the crashes had to do with me exporting data from Aperture and importing data into C1P, and my focus was on the C1P Aperture importer as it seemed that C1P was running flawlessly with all my new shots which I imported directly as sessions into C1P. Well, but not today anymore. A normal Nikon RAW file (.nef) lead to exactly the same of whole system crash as described above after I had copied the file onto the Drobo. C1P imported the files without issue but when I tried to change from one preset style to another my computer crashed.

Well, I know and have never heard anything else that C1P is a very stable and reliable software (and it better should be at the price). The C1P support does not seem to have any idea what else I could do.

So I am posting my problem here:

Has anybody ever had a related problem with C1P or their Mac? And maybe resolved it? And how?

Or has anybody any idea what else I could try? It simply should not be that C1P crashes while changing the WB of a very ordinary D500 .nef? I have already spend the best part of three weeks on resolving this issue, I need a working alternative for my old software Aperture (and I think C1P could be it - but, heck, ...).

Any hint highly welcome!

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