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Re: Everyone Using MFT

Raist3d wrote:

mikero wrote:

TOTodd wrote:

I’d really like to hear from any of the 23 people who liked this stupid post exactly why they liked it.

Granted it's not statistically significant, but it is some evidence than the naysayers were wrong.

If it’s not ststisticallynsignificant this is not much of evidence.

MFT is not dead.

The E-M1X is not a complete flop as widely predicted, and is being bought by its target audience. (And in the UK nature photography and eco-tourism is big business.)

you can’t use this as evidence for that precisely because of what you said also some of us said wait 6-12 months and see if it’s a flop or not

Apart from anything, it's a misrepresentation of what the 'naysayers' were saying. I don't think anyone proposed that the EMIX would fail to sell at all.

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