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Re: I thought this was kinda weird

Bill Borne wrote:

snappyden wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

Pi lover wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

A while ago I bought these tinkerbell fairies on an auction for my granddaughter. . Came from China. Well I gave them to her the other day and my daughter tells me...They are all "Bare-Butts". I never noticed. But do think it's kind of weird?


Look up "Tinkerbell Anime" Bill.

You naughty, naughty, boy ;-0.



I can't stop laughing . But it s pretty sad when one can't even buy a toy for their grandchild without Mr. Nasty getting involved.


Yup, I agree 100%

Well, if you are comparing with the Disney cartoons, not much more than some indescrepit off-white paint appears to be missing from those figurines.  There also is a scene with mermaids that aren't actually wearing clothing and they are fish only waist-down.  It's just that something or other always happens to be in the line of sight of anything but a PG rating.  So how do you even make figurines of this stuff when it's only their specific filmic poses that made them PG?

Frankly, I still wonder what the actual market for those kidney-infection Tinkerbells is supposed to be, but then sometimes my imagination does not prepare me for everything.

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