Looking for info on the 24-85vr

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Re: Looking for info on the 24-85vr

afoton wrote:


Question 1 - how close does the lens focus at both 24 and 85 mm ranges?

38cm over water. If this change under water, I don't know.

I would be shooting through a dome port, which has significant optical implications.

When you shoot through a dome, you actually focus on a virtual image a certain distance from the dome itself, with the image plane distance a certain percentage of the dome's size. (Bigger dome = virtual image farther away).  Since the virtual image is pretty close, it is necessary to have a lens that focuses close, or you must use diopters to help it.

Question 2 - how flat is the focus plane for this lens?

I don't use it for flat objects, so I actually do not care. At least it is flat enough for all I have used it for.

I am not sure the virtual image is 'flat' either, but I've heard that the curved plane of focus of the 14-24 is a reason that lens tends not to work well underwater.

Question 3 - have you seen any VR issues, particularly around 1/160th-1/250th?


Good.  1/160th-1/200th is my typical shooting speed, due to flash sync limits.

Question 4 - what about corners? Do they clear up significantly at some f-stop? Is so, what? (Underwater performance here tends to be worse, sometimes a lot worse.)

I have never ran into any problems with corners.

Corners are the arch-enemy of underwater photography.   If a lens starts out weak in the corners, things degrade very quickly indeed, though underwater one tends to shoot a lot more stopped down than above, mostly because of corners.

I typically shoot a wide zoom at F8-F16 and a macro at F16-32, so shooting wide open isn't an expectation.

Then, neighter curved focal plane or corner should be any problem over water. How it will perform under water, I have no idea.

I don't know that the focal plane is flatter stopped down, though it should be effectively wider.

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