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Re: it would seem like nobody read it correctly

tko wrote:

1.) Take a photo, say a close up portrait.

2.) Print it as photo A

3.) Use a telephoto to take a photo of that photo.

4.) Zoom in full screen from different distances, creating another another set of photos B, C, d.

Can anyone tell the difference between the set of photos taken of the original photo A?

Nope, which shows that the viewing distance of a photo is irrelevant to perspective. The book is either 1.) wrong 2.) meaningless 3.) poorly explained.

If you're going to challenge something, challenge my statement: "viewing a flat photo from different distances has no impact on perspective." Show me a thought experiment that violates this with a clear counter example.

As a bonus question, tell me what "correct perspective" means and how a print viewed with "incorrect perspective" would be distorted.

That is a convincing argument, yet it is mistaken.  The reasons are quite subtle and to explain clearly would involve drawing some diagrams which are very tedious for me to do.

Instead, I am going to suggest a real experiment that anyone can do if you can display your images on a large screen (the larger the better).  Take an ultra-wide-angle image and display it as large as you can.  Suppose it was taken with an 18mm equivalent focal length lens and is uncropped.  Then position you eye at a distance from the centre of the screen that is equal to about half the width of the image.

How does the image look?  The perspective that you see should be about the same as if you viewed the original scene with your own eyes (from the position of the camera).

Try it!  If you haven't done it before it is quite remarkable. Any wide-angle distortion in the picture magically disappears.  This is what correct perspective means.  It means that your eye sees everything in the image at the same angular positions as you would have seen if you viewed the original scene from the camera position.

Until you try this experiment, you will probably not appreciate what I am getting at.

I know many people here have tried it, and understand exactly what I mean.

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