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Re: books are frequenty wrong

Tom Axford wrote:

tko wrote:

Suppose you take a photo of a mountain from a mile away. Do you have to view the image from a mile away to have correct perspective?

Although I did not copy the whole chapter, a little later on he says:

"For correct perspective, therefore, a contact print should be viewed at a distance equal to the focal length of the lens.

1.) You can't change perspective by viewing distance, therefore there is no such thing as a "correct viewing distance" for perspective.

An enlargement should be viewed at a distance equal to the focal length multiplied by the degree of enlargement."

2.) This contradicts what he's already said. With a 100 MM lens, you could take a photo of a flower close up or a mountain far away. At the same enlargement, this statement says the "correct" viewing distance for both is the same.

No need to go a mile away!!!

By the way, a contact print is a print made at the same size as the image on film (or on the sensor if you translate it to the digital age). Of course, nobody makes prints that small these days.

Going back to the basics, his statement "Correct perspective is said to be obtained when a print is viewed in such a way that the apparent relation between objects as to their size, position, etc., is the same as in the original scene."

Here is how I read this statement. If you have a man who appears to be half the height of the tree behind him, there is a two to one size relationship. This relationship is the same no matter where you view the photo from.

The relative size and position of objects in a photo do not change with viewing distance. Not in the brain, not with a ruler, not with anything. No one has given me an example of how this could happen.

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