A Leica M10 Review

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Re: A Leica M10 Review

The sensor is perfectly fine for general photography - where it lacks is only in comparison to other cameras (including some recent "budget" FF cameras). However, shooting wide-angle lenses with optimal ETTR exposure without live-view is non-trivial. A a modern sensor would go some way to addressing that.

FWIW, my M10 is very much a secondary camera as most of my photography (Leica or otherwise) is shot on film. I frequently shoot B&W film pushed to EI1600 or 3200, but I have never really liked digital noise - especially some of the banding and blotchy colour that pretty much all cameras start to show as you push up the ISO range. If I want grain, I shoot film.

Interesting comment about shutter problems with temperature. During the summer here it is routinely 30c+ with moderate humidity and I have never seen a problem. That said I have not had a chance to use the camera in places like Singapore.

At the end of the day, I choose my camera primarily for the lens system that I want to use. The best digital platform for M-series lenses is, for better or worse, the M10.

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