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Olympus & faith

Just wanted to share a few thoughts... I truly enjoy shooting Olympus and we need to acknowledge that the company has brought very strong innovations and products in the past. However, as much as I want to believe otherwise, I am starting to lose faith on the future of Olympus camera division:

1. No firmware updates for the EM1 Mark II. The revision and enhancement of the flagship camera has happened at a much lower pace than for the previous iteration of the EM1. While competition has launched very competitive products, Olympus has literally abandoned improving its flagship.

2. EM1X as pure extension of EM1 Mark II. Yes, I understand that the EM1X may have certain addressable market that prefers a grip camera. But let's look at it crudely. It is basically a set of spare parts of EM1 Mark II put together. Looks more like they needing to have a boost in selling those than on bringing solid advancements to its camera portfolio.

3. No EM5 Mark III yet. Yes, apparently it will come after summer (despite no solid indication of it happening). It is way too late and expectations are not high, as chances are that sensor and other technology (EVF, processors,...) will not differ much from the EM1 Mark II. I know some folks maybe very satisfied with a smaller and more affordable EM1 Mark II, but it will not move the needle for Oly in face current alternatives in the market.

All in all, it looks like they are reducing clearly the investment into the camera division (probably it's the right move after not having been able to generate profits for 10 years+). Having ValueAct in their Board will also influence as (i) No profits, (ii) Shrinking market, (iii) Low market share.

Probably, for many of us, this does not have implications as per today, but at the same time we need to be aware that in 4/5 years it may not be a system to continue investing on.

The indications are there and I hope I'm wrong with my judgment. I still have some faith left that they can pull something, but that's it, just faith and little hope.

Olympus E-M1
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