Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: then don't use it

douglas_robert wrote:

techjedi wrote:

douglas_robert wrote:

What a disrespectful response. Camera has feature. Someone has legitimate concerns about how it works and asks community for help. Instead of offering reasonable feedback or instruction, you just advise to not use the feature?

that's my advise .. if its flawed and doesn't work for you than don't use it. It's not disrespectful. just being short and to the point.

This thread has also given me new insights, I also did not know that in auto iso the camera will ignore the thresholds, meaning I need to keep an eye on it when using it.

While I think the title of the thread and way of wording in the initial post could have been chosen differently, I do agree with the OP's sentiment or expectation regarding no=no when setting a minimum or maximum value.
For me it would make more sense to either uphold the set thresholds (being ISO and shutter speed), or have the user select which threshold can be ignored.
I am a bit surprised on the harsch way of responding here and there. Is seems that as soon as a sentence on it is dropped in the manual, then it's untouchable for discussion or imagining that another user might use/have different wishes for the way auto iso works.
A reason for me for instance for responding and sharing my views in such topics is that , besides gaining insights from others, perhaps someone from Nikon scans such topics and you never know if user comments on the way of working might trickle through in next firmwares or improvements. You never know.
And if you don't see a problem because you (want to) use if differently, then that's perfectly fine of course, but that does not mean others share your way of working.

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