FZ1000 striped fly macro

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Re: FZ1000 striped fly macro

Dak on cam wrote:

Avian2016 wrote:

What about this one?


Despite of its frame thickness and its price, it does not mention "achromat" on advertisement or the displayed case front. So I am not sure whether or not this is a two-element one and for that kind of price I'd stay away short of being given reliable information. Anybody else in the know?

The Hoya site shows four close-up filters. https://hoyafilter.com/products/hoya/pro1d-04.html

None is mentioned as being an achromat. I'm sure they would have mentioned it if they were achromats.

That seems very expensive for a single-element close-up filter.



That one is pretty renowned and you'll not likely do anything wrong picking it. +3 will bring you in the 25cm–33cm range. That's what my Sony VCL-M3358 (58mm thread) and VCL-M3367 (67mm thread) have too and I find that to work well with the FZ200. The FZ1000 should not be too different in that regard.

Although because of the FZ1000's f/8 minimum aperture you can only get half the depth of field with the FZ1000 compared to the FZ200 and most other cameras.

The VCL-M3367 is pretty rare and expensive . If you find the M3358 (sometimes people sell it for a reasonable price) it might be worth a try too: it's a pretty good one as well.

For strong ones, the Raynox have quite a solid reputation. But handling and depth of field get really finicky at high strengths.

The Raynox 150 is +4.8. It is much easier to use than the +8 Raynox 250. Both vignette below around 90mm equivalent focal length on the FZ200/330, which a suitably sized Marumi 330 or 200 does not. However, with 90 to 600mm equivalent available you still get a very good range of magnifications with the Raynoxes on the FZ200/330. I don't know what the vignetting situation would be on the OP's FZ1000.

The Marumi 200 at +5 is very similar in power to the Raynox 150, but the two copies of the 200 that I tested were not quite as sharp as my Raynox 150s in the centre and increasingly poor away from the centre (tests documented here and mentioned briefly here).

In other testing the Marumi 330 came out as similar in terms of image quality to the +2 Canon 500D in the centre, but softer away from the centre especially at longer focal lengths. I have not documented this comparison (one of many that I did with various cameras, lenses and achromats), but here is a 100% comparison of the Canon 500D on the left and the Marumi  330 on the right. The left hand column of the comparison shows the top left corner of the frame. The right hand column of the comparison shows the bottom right corner of the frame. The magnifications are obviously different but it is the relative sharpness/detail/microcontrast that is of interest here.

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