nikon z6 banding in shadows gone?

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Re: nikon z6 banding in shadows gone?

FujLiver wrote:

dirkluchtman wrote:

With some shadow recovery tests I could not detect any banding in the shadows with my new z6 purchased a week ago. Did they (silently) fix this problem? I did see it in some raws downloaded from the imaging recourse website.

This is my first Nikon and find the image quality and dynamic range to be extremely impressive. Before this I had a Canon 6D. Definitely a step up from the 6D in terms of image quality although the 6D was also excellent.

Also find the IBIS to be very effective, in both stills and video. The video quality straight out of the camera I find also beautiful.

I think Nikon has a very nicely rounded camera in the Z6 and applaud them for it. Definitely, do not regret I did not get the A7III.


There has never been any banding. ***

all sensors with phase detect pixels show them when you over process by 5 stops

better to get the right exposure when taken

Well, I am afraid that's not true.

I can't comment on shadow recovery tests and it may be the comment about there never being any banding referred only to shadow recovery.

OTOH, I was shooting w/o flash at a family wedding last month and had plenty of banding show up. (I wasn't the pro photographer and didn't want to shoot with flash given he was already using flash.). I was using z6+FTZ+70-200/F2.8 at f2.8 in shooting mode A with Auto-ISO. Sometimes the ISO went to 12800 and there were many good shots w/o banding, but banding also appeared pretty frequently.  Still, 15 years ago when I got my D300 I would have regarded it as miraculous to get any usable photos at ISO 12800 ...

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