Thresher Sharks @ Malapascua (Philippines)

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Re: Thresher Sharks @ Malapascua (Philippines)

Architeuthis wrote:

Hi Lars Polarbear,

Here I answer your question from the other, G9, tread:

I was at Monad Shoal in April 2009 for four times. I do not remember now, when a BBC documentation made this diving place popular, but it must have been few years before...

hmmm, must have missed that documentary...

There was probably less diving as it is now, but already a lot activity was going on. There was always at least a second dive boat, sometimes even three boats simultanoeusly.

Well, we were always the second or third boat arriving in the morning, but when we came up we counted 13 big boats!!! Our dive center went out on two of the days with two big boats, even though it was supposed to be the low season... It has gotten much worse and seeing several new dive centers being built, I would advise anybody who wants to see these beautiful creatures to go as soon as possible, before we - as humans - have destroyed that site..

..find the Thresher Shark in that photo! They were all charging towards the shark...

The visibility was good. I did not have an UW camera by myself; I started 2016 to take pictures UW. I was just the buddy, lighting technician and obedient server of my wife, who took photos with her Lumix TZ5, that has even much smaller sensor (now she has EM5II and I have EM1II).

My wife was shooting with the TZ7 at that time and I was always impressed with what this little camera can do!

Not regarding photography but just the technics, one can clearly see the advantage of the bigger sensor and, of course, ten more years of sensor evolution, compared to EPL-7. Here two samples of her thresher shark photos from 2009:

Considering how old the camera is and the obvious distance to the shark, I think these are very nice pictures, well done to your wife!

I wonder how the big shots from National Geographic and BBC acquire their photos under these difficult conditions: Full Format or some extra-fancy Medium Format equipment?

Actually, I think to it boils down the visibility and how close the sharks come.  My buddy was a little ahead of me and the sharks came as close as 2m, which they unfortunately did not for me... Still, it was an amazing experience!!!


All the best,


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