RP Idiosyncrasies and limitations.

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RP Idiosyncrasies and limitations.

Having had the RP for several months now, overall it's fine for my relatively simple needs.

But I've come across a minor irritant, and wonder if there is a setting to remove it: I fear not.

When looking through either screen or VF, I can't change aperture or exposure compensation without first touching the shutter button.

So raising camera to my eye and (because LV shows WYSIWYG) I decide I need to change either, turning the appropriate dial does nothing, first I must touch the shutter button.

And this seems to time out, so that even after touching the shutter button, if I take time to decide, I have to touch it again.

Why? It's a pain and takes away spontaneity. A bit like not being able to get back to Auto ISO until the camera decides to let you. Is there a work around?

On a different matter, I've also become aware that while the camera is much nicer to use, the sensor doesn't compare with my previous Pentax K1. The Pentax was so clumsy to use that I found I left it at home; the RP comes with me.

But while I was expecting less DR, I also found it to be not as sharp, to have more noise, and the DR limitations to be a bit more intrusive than I'd expected.

Raising shadows is OK, but it's so easy to lose highlight detail; exposing to protect highlights is essential.

And while the blinkies give you an idea as to how successful you have or have not been, this is after the event. Zebra stripes before shooting are really required with this sensor.

But still enjoying it.

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Looking for something else in the menu, I've just come across a 'Highlight alert' setting. At first glance I can't see what it does, can anyone tell me?

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