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That's not everyone... but...

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Colin Smith1 wrote:

I have just returned from a photo trip to Nome, Alaska. Everyone on the trip, including the guide, was using Olympus EM-1X and one Panasonic MFT. There was only one guy on the trip still using a huge Nikon body and 600MM lens. In talking with him it seemed the reason he hadn't shifted to MFT was he didn't think he could master the controls. At every photo stop we had to wait for him to remove his tripod and set it up. I felt sorry for him, watching him struggle. I guess I should also mention he was 84 years old. Good photographer also.

So how many people were on the trip? You, the guide, and the old guy?

Was it a mostly wildlife trip? On boats or?


4 out of 6. Still pretty good if it translates to a lot of trips and other organized groups. You mentioned the guy that "struggled" was a good photographer. I wonder if the others were also good or just people with money to buy the next big thing.

Anyhow, if the EM1X can cover this market, great for Olympus. I still wonder where a smaller camera would have led them still getting the same markets.

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